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Course Listing

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100-200 level

CS 105    Introduction to Application Software

CS 200B  Computer Concepts

CS 201    Problem Solving with Computers

CS 202    Introduction to Computer Science

CS 215    Discrete Mathematics

CS 220    Programming with Data Structures

CS 221    Introduction to Internet and Mobile Computing

CS 280    Computational Statistics I

CS 290    Communication Skills and Ethics for Computer Science

300 Level

CS 300    Introduction to Linux

CS 304    Advanced Object-Oriented Programming

CS 305    Software Development Practices

CS 306    Linux/UNIX Programming

CS 311    The Theory and Implementation of Programming Languages

CS 315    Computer Logic and Digital Design

CS 320    Computer Organization and Architecture

CS 330    Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms

CS 335    Operating Systems

CS 350    Web Application Development

CS 391    Current Topics in Computer Science

CS 393    Internship in Computer Science

400 Level

CS 401    Computer Architecture

CS 404    Autonomous Mobile Robots

CS 406    Basic Linux System Administration

CS 407    Advanced Linux/UNIX Programming

CS 408    Applied Cryptography

CS 409    Ethical Hacking

CS 410    Computer Security

CS 412    Programming Distributed Applications

CS 413    Digital Forensics

CS 415    Network Forensics

CS 416    Compiler Construction

CS 420    Distributed Systems

CS 425    Principles of Virtualization and Cloud Computing

CS 430    Database Systems

CS 431    Cyber-Physical Systems

CS 434    Learning from Data

CS 435    Software Engineering

CS 436    Artificial Intelligence I

CS 437    Machine Learning and Soft Computing

CS 438    Bioinformatics Algorithms

CS 440    Computer Networks

CS 441    Mobile and Wireless Computing

CS 447    Introduction to Graph Theory

CS 449    Introduction to Combinatorics

CS 451    Theory of Computing

CS 455    Advanced Algorithm Design and Analysis

CS 471    Optimization Techniques

CS 472    Linear Programming

CS 475    Numerical Analysis

CS 480    Computational Statistics II

CS 484    User Interface Design and Development

CS 485    Computer Graphics

CS 487    Software Aspects of Game Development

CS 490    Readings

CS 491    Special Topics

CS 492    Special Problems

CS 493    Seminar

CS 498    Senior Seminar in Computer Science

CS 499    Senior Project in Computer Science

CS 499B  Senior Thesis in Computer Science

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