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Term Faculty

David Paper

Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Paper

Office: A409F

Phone: (618) 453-6032

Email: david.paper@siu.edu

Education: Ph.D., Management Information Systems, Southern Illinois University

Research interests:  

Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Data Science. Leveraging business process improvement techniques and AI technologies to reduce wasteful practices, redudancy, error and costs.  AI in everyday lives of human beings and e-Learning.

Rana Salameh

Clinical Assistant Professor


Office: A407E

Phone: (618) 453-6179

Email: ranasalameh@siu.edu

Education: Ph.D., Education, Southern Illinois University

Research interests:  

Game-based assessment, End-user interaction and behavior, Serious games developing, and Cybersecurity awareness.

John Woods

Assistant Lecturer


Office: A405F

Phone: (618) 453-6055

Email: johnheathwoods@siu.edu

Education: M.S., Computer Science, Southern Illinois University

Research interests:  

Computer Graphics and Linux/UNIX system programming.