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Michael S. Wainer

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Computer and Information Science, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Current Research Interests:

Software development, HCI, Computer graphics.

Dr. Wainer's research interests lie in the areas of software development, human computer interaction and computer graphics. He is particularly interested in interdisciplinary work which utilizes the computer as a tool for design and visualization. Within HCI and software development, he seeks to study how new techniques in software design (agile techniques like refactoring and test driven development) might be brought into the classroom. Aids for designing, visualizing and communicating software concepts are parallel topics of research. In other disciplines, he has explored early design in architecture, and visualization in areas of computer security, bioinformatics and GIS. Adaptation of algorithms normally run on general purpose computers to systems utilizing computer graphics hardware is a related interest that provides new opportunities for interactive design and visualization.


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  • Langin, Chet, Michael Wainer, and Shahram Rahimi, ANNaBell Island: A 3D Color Hexagonal SOM for Visual Intrusion Detection. International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security, Vol. 9, No. 1, pages 1-7, January, 2011.
  • Michael Wainer, "GUI Tools and Generated Code: Refactoring to Reveal Intent", Proceedings of the 26nd International Conference on Computers and Their Applications, CATA-2011, New Orleans, LA, USA, March 23-25, 2011, pp. 108-13.

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