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College of Engineering, Computing, Technology, and Mathematics

Shahram Rahimi

Ph.D., Computational Sciences, University of Southern Mississippi

Current Research Interests:

Computational intelligence and soft computing, multi-agent systems, distributed computing.

Dr. Rahimi's research interest is in the general area of Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing. Soft computing refers to a collection of computational techniques that study, model, and analyze very complex phenomena: those for which more conventional methods have not yielded low cost, analytic, and complete solutions. Soft Computing uses soft techniques contrasting it with classical artificial intelligence hard computing techniques (bound by NP-Complete). Components of soft computing include: Neural networks (NN), Fuzzy systems (FS), Evolutionary computation (EC), Swarm intelligence, Probabilistic Computation, and Chaos theory. Dr. Rahimi is also an expert in Multi-Agent systems (MAS), a core area of Computational Intelligence, in both theory and application. An example of his theoretical research was the development of the API-Calculus in 2002. API-Calculus is a formal modeling tool for design and development of multi-agent systems. API-Calculus includes verification and performance evaluation infrastructure that distinguish it from other modeling languages.


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