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College of Science

Namdar Mogharreban

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Computer Based Education, Southern Illinois University

Current Research Interests:

Development, deployment and evaluation of a Learning Objects and its ramifications for e-learning.

Dr. Mogharreban's research involves the introduction of intelligence in data manipulation and analysis. In particular, he has been working with researchers in other areas such as psychology and management, looking into how fuzzy logic can be applied in these areas for better and more intuitive data representation and analysis. Based on this approach he has developed a prototype of a decision support system in the form of a medical diagnostic system. He is also interested in applying intelligence in the new area of knowledge management and learning objects. A learning object is a unit of knowledge which would contain the necessary information to be an independent entity. Several of these independent units can be put together to create an instructional module. How these units are represented and the meta data required for their selection is the subject of much interesting research.


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