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Henry Hexmoor

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Computer Science, University at Buffalo

Current Research Interests:

Artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, cognitive science, mobile robotics, knowledge representation and reasoning.

Dr. Hexmoor's basic research on cognitively inspired models has been funded. In addition to spawning numerous theses, his work has been significantly transitioned to mission critical projects of national priority. Hexmoor has pioneered interdisciplinary research that builds on social science models as tools for validation of large agent-based systems in use in space, as well as U.S. military applications. Hexmoor's research laboratory has the mission to promote practical education and research in intelligent agency and multi-agent systems.

His long range interest is to design and implement robotic and software agents and systems with the properties for autonomy, self-adaptation, sociality, and cognition, as well as safety and predictability. Sponsors include DoD, Air Force, Army and private companies.


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  • Hexmoor, H. Rahimi, S., ,Chandran, R. (2008). Delegations guided by trust and autonomy. Web Intelligence and Agent Systems 6(2): 137-155.Sponsored by AFRL.
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