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Dunren Che

Ph.D., Computer Science, Beijing University Of Aeronautics and Physics

Current Research Interests:

Cloud Computing, Big Data Management and Analytics, and all general topics in Database (particularly XML database) and Data Mining.

Dr. Che's main research interest is in the area of database technology. He is especially interested in XML data management in a database environment. XML has become the ubiquitous and "standard" language for web data/document publications; huge amounts of data/documents formatted in XML have kept mounting up at a tremendous speed. Effective management and efficient querying of XML data are in great demand. His work in this area focuses on developing new storage models suitable for XML and novel and specialized techniques for efficient XML query processing. Che's other research interests include data mining and bioinformatics. With data mining, his interest is in a new type of mining approach - applying mobile intelligent mining agents (called intelligent spiders). With bioinformatics, his focus is on rationalizing the drug discovery process, which is traditionally conducted by trial-and-error, via application of proper data mining technologies to the accumulated (gene and protein) sequence data repositories.


  • Dunren Che and Wen-Chi Hou (2008). Determined: A System with Novel Techniques for XML Query optimization and Evaluation. International Journal of Web Information Systems, 4(1): 48-77, 2008.
  • Dunren Che (2007). An Efficient Algorithm for Tree Pattern Query Minimization under Broad Integrity Constraints. International Journal of Web Information Systems, 3(3), 231-256, 2007.
  • Dunren Che, Karl Aberer, and M. Tamer Özsu (2006). "Query Optimization in XML Structured-Document Databases," VLDB Journal, 15(3): pp. 263-289, 2006.

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