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  • CS GradeBook

    The site provides updates on the progress of the CS GradeBook project as well as access to all documentation used in the development and planning of the project.

    Project Overview

    The CS Gradebook project is being developed for the Computer Science department at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. This system is to be used by students for the submission of work and viewing class grades. It will also be used by each course’s Teaching Assistant (TA) to collect submitted work and publish student grades.


    Base HTML pages for the application have been created.

    Pop-up PHP calendar working to allow a Professor or TA to select a due date for an assignment.

    Login page created which connects to CS Department LDAP Authentication server.
    Student script to submit a file from a local hard drive implemented.

    Students can select a class and assignment to submit a file from their local hard drive to.
    Course staff can create new assignments with due dates.

    Due date file is now created when a new assignment is created. This will allow a check to be preformed on the student side.
    When the Gradebook link is clicked, it now prompts the user to select which assignment they want to enter grades for.
    When a student uploads a file, it now provides a timestamp for each submission that they give.
    There is a countdown to the due date on the assignment submission page.
    When the due date is passed, a user is not allowed to upload any file to that assignment.

    Students are able to see their grades in the gradebook now.
    Grade files are implemented using CSV files.