Brehm's Scheduling System

Brehm Preparatory School is a private school in Carbondale, IL that works with students with complex learning disabilities. The primary client for this project is Joe Viscomi, head of Information Technology at Brehm. The secondary clients are the administrative staff at Brehm that will use the software to assist in creating schedules, primarily for Parent Teacher Conferences.


Our web-based scheduling software consists of three major parts: input system, scheduling system, and output system.

Input system will be on the web interface. Students' information, and teachers' schedule can be inputted as a .csv (comma delimited) file.

Scheduling system automatically schedules parent-teacher meetings. A parameter, such as meeting length and break length, can be set to generate scheduling system. Scheduling system also provides the function of manual modification. When parents confirm their schedule, the program will lock their meetings.

Output system will also be on the web interface. When a meeting is compiled, specific teacher or students can see the information.