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Dr. Wen-Chi Hou

Ph.D., Computer Engineering and Science, Case Western Reserve U., 1989

Contact Info

Phone:  (618)453-6040
Fax:  (618)453-6044
Mail Address :  Department of Computer Science
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Carbondale, IL 62901
Mailcode 4511
Office:  Engineering A0405

Current Research Interests:

Statistical databases, query optimization, data stream processing, spatial data structures, XML databases.

Dr. Hou's research is mainly in the area of database, including XML, data streams, query size estimation, transaction management, and data mining. His current focus is on XML query processing, where he seeks to find efficient query evaluation algorithms for XML data and devise synopses for accurate query result size estimation. He is also interested in clustering streaming data and data mining over data streams, which require quite different techniques from those used in traditional static database environments.


  • F. Yan, W-C. Hou, Z. Jiang, C. Luo, Q. Zhu, "Selectivity Estimation of Range Queries Based on Data Density Approximation via Cosine Series", Data and Knowledge Engineering (DKE), Elsevier, Vol. 63, No. 3, December 2007, pp.853-876.
  • C. Luo, Z. Jiang, W-C. Hou, F. Yan, C. Wang, "A Relational Model for XML Structural Joins and Their Size Estimations", Knowledge and Information Systems (KAIS) journal, Vol. 16, 97-127, 2008.
  • Q. Zhu, J. Haridas, W-C. Hou, "Query Optimization via Contention Space Partitioning and Cost Error Controlling in Dynamic Multidatabase Systems", Distributed and Parallel Databases, Vol. 23, No. 2, 151-188, 2008.
  • Teaching Area

  • Database Systems
  • Operating Systems
  • Data Structures
  • Computer Architecture